Dellys doggy day centre

Last Friday I went to see Adele for the open day for her new dog daycare centre in Ilkley. Its way, way, off the beaten track in lovely rolling fields with fenced off areas for dogs who love nothing better than sniffing, digging, playing and romping around in the fresh air. It was a bit chilly that morning but hot coffee and several biscuits later during my tour we have come up with a plan to provide a service for Adele’s clients to have one to one training sessions whilst in daycare. After an initial phone call or meeting with the dog’s owners to find out what their training issues are I can provide one off or weekly/monthly training sessions with the dogs whist they are at the day centre. I know people have busy lives and may just need a little extra help to speed up their pet’s training whilst they are busy at work.  This obviously must run alongside sessions with their owner at home to update on progress and make sure they know how to continue their training on a day to day basis. There is also a small area for classes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 19.35.01

I had a lovely morning and I really hope Adele makes a big success of her new venture, it was lovely to see all the dogs playing happily together and pottering round on their own rooting around in all the trees and bushes. Follow the link below to have a look … she also picks up and drops off the dogs so if you fancy letting your dog have a ‘play day’ give her a ring.


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