A bit of history

I have loved animals, and dogs in particular, since being a very small child but the field of dog behaviour has been my main interest for more than 14 years when I first started undertaking Canine Psychology courses.

From around 1998 until 2006 I worked for a local rescue centre as a volunteer, spending time on a daily basis walking dogs, fostering puppies and spending time with the many cruelty cases they took in with their varied behaviour problems. One of my own dogs at the time, Billy, had some behavioural problems and wanting to understand and help him sparked my interest in dog training and behaviour. I took dog assessment courses on behalf of the charity and canine behaviour courses and also spent several years as a trustee.
Since then I have passionately enjoyed learning about dog behaviour and along with years of hands on working with dogs I have undertaken courses with Compass Education, IABTC and The Animal Care College including – and as often as possible I attend seminars run by well known behaviourists as there is always something new to be learnt. I am currently working towards my KCAI accreditation with the Kennel Club.
I am a presenter for Family Dog and Doggone Safe (Be a tree), both of which are aimed at helping children learn how to be safe around dogs.


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