A houseful of furry things

We have five dogs, a cat and a tortoise … yes I know that’s a little crazy (we did have three rats too but unfortunately they all recently passed away), all the dogs are very very different in looks and temperament so there is never a dull moment. They all get on great and snuggle up together (yes, even the cat and the tortoise!!).

I’ll start with Leon, he is a rather large, handsome¬†Rottweiler, nearly six years old. He is a big baby except when it comes to protecting his home and family. He likes to spend his evenings watching our Tortoise Fran√ßois potter around the living room, after nearly three years of living together he is the only dog who still can’t quite work out what he is!
Lola is my darling girl, an American Bulldog cross¬†Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she is about eight¬†now and was rescued from a flat where she had been locked in and left to starve¬†nearly six years ago. She is gorgeous, I’d trust her with my life, plus she is very food orientated so she¬†is always eager to learn. Princess, what can I say about Princess? She is our¬†pretty, but very, very greedy,¬†5¬†year old Chihuahua (standard not teacup) and currently on a diet (yet again) as it can no longer be blamed on ‘baby weight’ after having her puppies last year. Which brings me on to Ethel and Tinkerbell, her puppies, adorable is the only word to describe them. Despite always being a ‘big dog’ girl in the past I totally and utterly get why people love having little dogs now. Totally different from each other in looks and character they are hairy little things¬†as their dad is the tiniest teacup Yorkshire Terrier I have ever seen. Sherlock, our cat is cool as a cucumber and just gets on with it in a house full of dogs.



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