Early Sunshine πŸ˜€

Up early on what is traditionally my ‘lie in day’ as my first appointment is over in Seacroft with a ‘huge’ lab who is pulling his owner over. I’ve no idea if he is a big dog for his breed or just been eating too many pies!. Whichever it is he will seem positively tiny in comparison to the stunning Neopolitan Mastiff I was with with on Tuesday who had a penchant for jumping up at people. Eeeeek!

It’s been a real mixture so far this week – garden barking, protective dogs, dog aggression, adorable puppies, a couple with equally funny and adorable children as their pals, giant dogs who knock people flying (and put them in hospital😬), labs who think they are sled dogs and a bit of puppy aggression to sort out.

I think quote of the week goes to a lovely funny little five year old girl I was teaching with her puppy, Charlie. On asking her how she knows when her puppy is happy she replied “he sits down and his willy sticks out and turns pink”

What a star πŸ˜‚

Enjoy the sunshine!


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