The Fairydogmother Classroom

New Classroom

Puppy club sign

I updated my classroom so I could start running my puppy classes from home and I am loving it! Smaller classes mean more individual attention for people and their dogs which I love. Plus all my gear is here so no dragging it to venues (and I do tend to ad-lib in classes to help with clients questions and how they are progressing so it is fabulous for that).

CLassroom 1

It is lovely in class that people are so relaxed, the floor is soft and I absoloutely love seeing people siting on the floor interacting and playing with their pups.

Its not a huge room but big enough and now I have run a few puppy classes and all is good I am re-starting an adolescent class for 6 – 14 month old dogs as it is a difficult time; hormones all over the place, gaining confidence but not having the life experience to know what to do in new situations. Keeping up with training at this time is hugely important as they go through a second fear impact stage when your dog can show fear of new situations and even familiar situations as they go through hormonal and neural changes.

Online booking

Admin takes up soooooo much time but I started using some new software a few months ago to save me hours of time. It means people can go on and see what classes are available and book in and pay online.

Social Events and the Fairydogmother Community

I already have my Fairydogmother Page on Facebook for sharing useful and fun dog training related posts – with 848 likes – wow! But I decided to start a closed group just for all my past and current clients to share progress updates, photos of their pooches and share things they think others may find useful. I will also share training tips and ideas to help them along the way. I also think it would be a nice idea to organise social events where people can practice and progress their training so watch this space!!

If you are a client look on Facebook for the group and request to join.

Animals make us smile

This is not at all dog related but it popped up on my Facebook from a couple of years ago and made me smile …. Francois our tortoise decided to climb on top of Sherlock, our cat,  as he had already taken over the warm spot in the corner and as I am currently trying to clicker train my cat and tortoise I thought I’d share a little of the craziness that is our house!!. All my pets get on well and love a cuddle with each other.




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