What a week!

Well, its getting a little chillier isn’t it but we have had a few rain free days recently which makes a change. The supermarkets already have Christmas stuff on the shelves, pet shops have dog Christmas stockings hanging up for sale by the tills full of dog chocolates and squeaky toys – and its not even Halloween yet!!

Yes its that time of year folks when your dog has a poo and you spend 10 mins looking for it in the leaves even though you saw exactly where they did it!!!

I’ve met some lovely people and some amazing dogs since my last post, the graduates from my last puppy class were amazing, the latest class started on Tuesday and it is a lovely mix of puppies – including shy little Smudge, a cocker called Keith and a bouncy Bulldog. I think we are going to have lots of fun together over the next six weeks.

The next Adolescent class starts in a couple of weeks and I am really, really excited – all the dogs  have been to my puppy classes so I can’t wait to see how all grown up they are and how they are doing.

I have been a very busy bee updating my website, and starting a monthly newsletter full of tips, links, funny stories, news and upcoming class dates etc. so if you want to get it (and a freebie help sheet all about Enrichment for joining) go to http://www.leedsdogtraining.com and subscribe.

I have got loads of exciting things going on – planning events for my clients, some seminars/courses including dog first aid as I haven’t done it in a while, one of my dogs Leon did magnificently at Master dog trainer recently and I was super proud of my boy. I am looking forward to a meet up with the other education volunteers at the Blue Cross at the weekend which will be fun. Soon I might be in your children’s school teaching them all about dog safety and animal welfare so wave at me in the playground if you see me! You will probably see Lola too as she passed her assessment to be a Blue Cross Education Dog to come with me into schools – no mean feat it is a tough test – so I’m proud of her too. Plus she looks ever so cute in her Blue Cross coat 🙂

We also got a new addition to the household – I was getting broody for a puppy but as we already have five dogs, a cat and a tortoise it was a crazy idea – so we got a snake instead (sensible choice I think you will agree!) … Matilda the Corn Snake. Ive wanted a snake since I was about 15 and one of my boys has been wanting one – so here she is.

Now I need to have a little rant…. I know, my blog is a happy place but sometimes we all need to let off a bit of steam.

Puppy farmed puppies – please, please guys stop buying them! … that’s what keeps these places going. Most people are unaware of how many puppies are farmed in the UK and Ireland and many have no idea they even have one. I have lost count of how many I have seen in the last six months and the number I see each year continues to rise. There is lots of research now on the behavioural and psychological problems puppy farmed puppies can develop as an adult – including aggression, either to owners or strangers, fear of people, other dogs and other stimuli outside on walks, separation anxiety, attention seeking, sensitivity to touch …. the list is huge, but people still continue to buy them. Not even starting on the physical problems they can come with.

Yes, I totally get why, when faced with a dirty bedraggled puppy in a car park people just want to save them from the awful people selling these puppies, but once they are sold their mum will continue to sit in a dark, dirty shed producing litter after litter of sad, scared puppies to be sold online.

I am not having a go at people, many people have no idea their dog is one of them until we have the conversation – but education is a must. So if you haven’t already got your puppy, or you want another do your research and CHECK THEM OUT before you buy.

Just this week I have met…

A puppy bought in a car park (off Gumtree) from “two awful men who wouldn’t give me their names” – the pup was in such a terrible state she took him there and then as she just couldn’t leave him.

A puppy bought from a pet shop

A puppy bought online from what they afterwards suspected was a puppy farm, with terrible roundworms, no proof of the vaccinations she was supposed to have had and no reply from the breeder at all chasing said vaccinations once they got their puppy home.

A Border Collie, bought as a puppy from a farm – from a farmer who had a licence (from the council) to breed dogs not just a farmer selling some of his working dog’s puppies, the farmer had told them that the litters of puppies were imported from Ireland to sell here.

Another dog who had come from a breeder who’s house was filthy and disgusting but the kennels where the puppies were housed were clean and nice, there were several different breeds of puppies there.

All potentially farmed puppies.

So on that note I will leave you alone, its nearly the weekend and for once I’m not working and having a couple of well deserved days off. Enjoy your dogs, get them out to play in the leaves, have fun with them – thats, after all what its all about.

Till next time