A bit about me


out with Leon&Ziggy

Hi, I’m Kerry – The Fairydogmother, I live in Yeadon on the outskirts of Leeds and I LOVE dogs. My ‘job’ doesn’t really feel like one to be honest. I enjoy helping people learn to understand their four legged friends more to make their relationship better. I can help with all kinds of behaviour problems from separation anxiety or food aggression to the more common issues of jumping up and pulling on the lead  … and everything in between!

I can also help with general training and provide new puppy courses to help you all get off to the right start and prevent all those problems occurring in the first place. I can come and visit for a ‘pre-puppy’ visit to help you get ready for your new arrival, or even before you have found your puppy to talk about any worries you may have and about the importance of WHERE you get your puppy from.

I also love doing children’s puppy training – helping the younger members of your family learn how to communicate with their new playmate and behave appropriately around them. My children have lived with dogs since they were born but getting a new puppy when you have children is a big deal for them.
Often after years of begging for a puppy children are suddenly faced with a puppy who jumps as them, chases them round the house, bites and scratches them (unintentionally when they are playing) and they don’t know how to deal with it and may even become wary or even frightened of their new little friend. Helping change fear back into love and friendship is my favourite job – teaching them why their new puppy does these things and how to stop their puppy’s natural behaviours using rewards and love will bring them back together. Alternatively a child may be too boisterous with a puppy and needs to understand that their puppy needs a little ‘me time’ away from them, and how to spot the signal that your puppy has had enough.

If your children are interested I can also help them with older dogs if they enjoy getting involved as their dog grows up.

Ill try and update my blog whenever I can with bits of news and updates but there aren’t enough hours in the day some weeks!





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